Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday thoughts

Gazing out the window on a sunny Sunday morning
A dragonfly’s random flight catches my eye
A glint of sunlight on the blurring wings
A moment’s hesitation… then madly off again

A young magpie strides sharply across the grass
Eyes peeled and ever watchful for a morsel
Grey plumage still, a youthful promise of what’s to come
The sharp blacks and whites just around the corner

The blue of the sky through the swaying treetops
Scudding clouds suggest some later rain
Autumn is in not quite in the air
The last vestige of the passing season clings on

The final heat of summer seeps into the day
The afternoon drags listlessly by
As the hot air slowly drains the dregs of energy
The pool an inviting respite from the easy lethargy


  1. This is an evocative representation of Australian summers, nicely done!

    In the second line, I think either random or erratic would be good on their own.

  2. Thanks Pif. You're right. It works better like that.I'll change it :)