Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pursuit of happiness

This is a topic that I've given some thought to recently. I'm very unsure where it's leading me but I wanted to share these thoughts. I was musing on my FaceBook page recently and that gave rise to this:

The pursuit of happiness
A thought for the self
An inward focus
Where’s my happiness?

Do I deserve to be happy?
Is it something I want?
Is it something I need?
Is it all about me?

Yes I do deserve to be happy
I want it, I need it
I am deserving… yes
It’s all about me

And… yet…
It’s all so empty
Devoid of meaning
But it doesn’t matter. I deserve it

Still… nothing… inside
Why can’t… why don’t…
I feel good… feel happy…
It’s all about… me…?

What if it’s not?
What if it’s not all about me?
What if I look outside me?
What if… what if…?

I'd love to know what other think about this. What is happiness? How do you achieve it? Should you even worry about it at all?

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  1. Hiya again, :o)
    If you decide to fill your life with making other people happier, aren't you filling your own life with the things that make you happy? You can then dwell on how great you feel that you are interconnected to human beings. For me, getting out of stasis is the best thing: embracing fluidity in my interpersonal relationships, savouring their changes.