Sunday, 25 July 2010


Just about to put my head on the pillow last night and I needed to write this. I found it fascinating that the mixture of thoughts and feelings that gave rise to this could be both so dark and so joyful at the same time.


As evening falls the night doth bring
A darkness that will quietly sing
Softly in the hearts of all
Until she holds us in her thrall

Then slowly as the eyes do close
What dreams and thoughts may come, who knows
As tales of joy and woe untold
Are freed as soul and spirit unfold

Imagination soaring free
My thoughts will oft return to thee
And there within the night's embrace
The hours pass with peace and grace

Yet dreams that come with darkness true
May not always be of you
As fears that lie within me still
Arise, my very being to chill

And now a moment feared has come
With dark and bitter taste has stung
As wrapt in night's embracing wings
I yearn to dream of joyful things

But soon the sun's illumined light
Returns to banish now the night
And new horizons now perceived
Give once more a chance to be

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