Saturday, 7 November 2009

In contemplation...

It's been quite a while since I last posted. The challenge I expected, of keeping this up to date, is proving... challenging :)

Yet now seems to be the right moment to share something, unless that's simply my laziness speaking... who knows?

This morning I experienced a moment of what I can only describe as inspiration. I was actually hanging the laundry out! Earlier I'd been taking some photos in the garden and I was contemplating what I'd seen. One of the pictures was of a rose bud...

It was only later, in recollection and contemplation that something struck me. The promise of beauty that such a moment offers has its own unique beauty. In about five minutes I wrote this...

In contemplation

The promise of beauty holds a beauty of its own
Just see the end in the beginning
Just realise that the end is nothing more
Nothing less…
Thank a new beginning

Replete with promise, unique and wonderful
A fresh, exquisite beauty
As yet unseen, unrealised, unperceived
That can only enrich our lives and hearts
In ways unimagined

The beauty unfolds before our eyes
A renewed sense of wonder
Gained in contemplation… in realisation
Opens our hearts, our minds, our spirits
To the ever present wonders of life

A renewed sense of being emerges each time
Building afresh… anew
Yet somehow adding to what has gone before
To the depth of feeling that lies within
The essence of life… of love… is infinite

As I write this post more thoughts occur to me. Does the foreknowledge of how the rose will look affect the innate promise of beauty? Of course not, but it may (almost certainly does) affect my perception of it. Could I perceive the promise in the same way without knowing what the rose will soon look like?

About 5 minutes after finishing the poem above another thought occurred that gave rise to this...


Yet the veils of perception
We create for ourselves
serve simply to limit our vision
Our understanding… our experience

Alone…? Never. Together…? Perhaps
In harmony…? Always…
But only if… when… we reach out
With no expectations, no limitations

When arms are outstretched
In love, in hope, in joy
The harmony that uplifts all
Comes within reach of all

A gift to all… and all the world
That all can give
If only we can just let go
And simply be…

For some reason I felt this morning that I was in a place I hadn't been for a long time. Perhaps the contemplation of roses? I've always had a great fondness for roses. I often take the time in a literal sense to stop and smell the roses. There have been days when this has been a highlight in an otherwise bleak day. Whatever it was, I like it!! More please?

Yet again I found words within that I needed to write...

First Bloom

I feel but sadness
For those who have never known
The wonder
Of love’s first bloom

Love at first sight
Love sight unseen
The connection
Eternal… awaiting discovery

Unveiled in the first blush
Heart entrapped
A heaven that embraces
With infinitely sweet arms

Enrapt and caught forever
The ultimate surrender
Just love
Eternal yet always in bloom

I can't remember ever writing so much in such a short time. It was an interesting day. Prosaic apart from a short but intense few minutes in the morning.


  1. (: that was an inspiring morning

  2. Thanks very much for sharing your poems, thoughts and photo, Steve! :o) I can't write a long message I hope I will be able to get back to you soon! :oD