Sunday, 12 December 2010

Inspiration... not lost, just different

Last night, for the first time in a while I was inspired to write.As I got home, getting out of the car, looking at the stars, I'd spent some time with some inspiring people and I felt like the word were there.

Somehow through, between getting out of the car and actually sitting down to write, stuff happened. Things to do... etc. When I finally started, it was gone. No inspiration, no words. A more than somewhat frustrating moment.

As always though, life offers opportunities, the learn, to grow. Taking a few minutes out to myself to just think made all the difference. It occurred to me that losing the moment of inspiration was actually an inspiring opportunity. Suddenly the words were there. Just different words, a different inspiration...

...wind and scattered sand

The inspiration passed me by
Despite my clutching hand
Its life had ebbed, I felt it die
Just wind and scattered sand

Let the thoughts unfinished be
Their genesis be broken
A gift from life's mundanity
To mourn for words unspoken

The moment 'fore the onslaught fled
A fragile thing it seemed
And yet from out the ideas dead
New life can always spring

For while the words for which I yearned
May now never touch my breath
The paradox I now have learned
Is the genesis in death

Each moment dies and lays the seed
For the moments yet to live
And beauty that is yet unseen
Is what these moment have to give

Therein the paradox doth lie
In the very act of death
A new perspective comes to life
And draws its dawning breath

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