Friday, 9 April 2010

Self & Doubt...

A few thoughts on during a lunch break on a sunny Friday afternoon.

A question arises in my mind
A thought to ponder, time to time
Of who I am both now and then?
Is a thought beyond my ken?

I stand afraid amongst my peers
And try in vain to calm my fears
That here revealed for all to see
Is the one I've come to be

Does everyone this curse affect
As always we seek to confect
An image that we’ll safely feel
Can our inner self conceal

Do anyone ever truly show
And can we ever really know
What it means no more to hide
The self that’s living deep inside

Perhaps to ponder overlong
On such as this is always wrong
With crises ever looming nigh
When all that’s done is think of “I”

For doubts will always grow apace
And ne’er we’ll know a moment’s grace
Til we outwardly we gaze and give
To others, then, at last, we’ll live

A life that brings us joy and finds
Friends and neighbours of all kinds
A life that means so much to all
No more to self in bond and thrall


  1. A strong sense of self... it often emerges when someone offers a point of view we disagree with. But the self can only be constructed in relation to others. I like to hang around people with a strong sense of self, because this encourages me to consciously work on having a stronger sense of identity.

    I have asked the question 'who am I'? many times in the last few years. I think it's a good thing to be open to exploring different types of self, be flexible in shaping your identity, but also to know on what points you refuse to budge, and which 'fixities' to display to others so that you can attract like-minded souls.

    Thanks for making me think (and feel)... :o)

  2. I really like this Steve

  3. You've done pretty well with this form, I think everyone asks themselves these questions!